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Visit our KönigsSalz salt shop in the Burggasthof Hauptmann during your stay in Kollnburg.
Our salt shop and the salt oasis are not only for overnight guests of the Burggasthof, but we are especially looking forward to all those who want to eat consciously and healthily & enjoy the special ambience in the KönigsSalz SALARIUM®.

The natural salt products from KönigsSalz flavour, taste and spread a wonderful atmosphere for all the senses. KönigsSalz is untreated, without additives and free from environmental influences. This wonderful natural salt is not refined and therefore contains all minerals and trace elements. Pure natural KönigsSalz, manually sorted, dried in the sun, crushed and bottled. Something special.

KönigsSalz Cosmetics - Feel naturally good

In the salt shop at the Burggasthof in Kollnburg, we also stock many cosmetic products made from natural salt. The purest extracts, fragrant oils and valuable nutrients make your skin feel soft to the touch and caress you with their fragrances.

Extensive range of natural salt products

Uniodised, untreated and pollutant-free natural salts from all over the world with valuable mineral salts, vitamins and trace elements.
In our salt shop in the Burggasthof Hauptmann in Kollnburg you will find a well-stocked range of salts.

Overview of salts

Large selection of different salts


Grain by grain - KönigsSalz tastes good

KönigsSalze are of high bioenergetic quality, which in their natural state represent the highest quality form of salt.

A feast for the senses: discover our KönigsSalz Gold Edition novelties. Ideal if you are looking for something special, something exclusive.

  • KönigsSalzErlebnis
  • GoldBadeKönigsSalz
  • KönigsPfefferErlebnis

Natural food colouring is used for the gold colouring of the salt and pepper. The salts from the KönigsSalz Gold Edition are an outstanding decorative and luxury salt (not to be confused with the classic, natural table salts from KönigsSalz).

From Pakistan – orange to white-coloured natural salt – mildly spicy taste – pasta, potato and cereal dishes, salt bath.

Natural salt from the European continent – high calcium content – pleasant flavour – light-coloured meats such as pork and poultry.

“Flower of salt” – is extracted at an altitude of 3000m in the old Inca tradition – delicately salty flavour – fish and seafood.

Oldest natural salt – the diamond among salts – “white gold”
for all dishes.

Special blue-violet colour variation – tingling, sensual salty taste – for vegetables and salads.

From the heart of the Salzkammergut – rich in minerals, local – dark meats such as beef, game, lamb.

KönigsSalz for beauty, body care & health

A special treat for natural body care at home.

Natural salt brine can be used diluted as a drinking cure, for inhalation, tooth brushing, nasal and eye rinsing and as a natural salt brine bath.

Relax in a soothing bath at home. Fragrant oils relax and revitalise. The natural salt brine bath – more than just a beauty bath.

In our salt shop in the Burggasthof, you can purchase a fine, mild camomile scrub for the face, a fragrant lavender blossom or rosemary body scrub and brine mud masks with minerals and trace elements as well as valuable vitamins. The natural salt scrub thoroughly removes dead skin cells and ensures a cleaner complexion.

Natural salt deodorant stones are among the most effective deodorants and can also be used as a pre-shave. Each deodorant stone is unique! Carefully selected and lovingly hand-crafted natural salt stones in the shape of beautiful hearts or in a practical egg shape absorb unpleasant sweat odours and have an antiseptic effect.

Short description

Short description

Short description

More products made from natural salt

in various flavours

various designs:
Salt lamps envelop the room in an atmospheric and pleasant light.

For the preparation of natural salt brine, brine drinking cures, brine inhalation, brine for oral and dental care or as an eye rinse or nasal rinse.

Seasoning salts

For that special flavour on your sandwich.

Pepper and salt – salt and pepper. We have dared to combine them. In the 5 PfefferKönigsSalz blend, salt and pepper can develop a whole range of flavours.

Fruity, fresh – not just for cucumber salad.
HalitKönigsSalz together with organic and vegan lemon peel and dill give the ZitronenDillKönigsSalz a fresh mediterranean flavour.

Few but all the more distinctive ingredients.
In northern Europe and America, French fries are not only flavoured with salt alone. PommesKönigsSalz gives crispy chips and other potato products a sophisticated flavour.

Warm, spicy and slightly sweet – the ideal gourmet salt for all dishes.
Unique natural flavour.

Spicy, savoury smoked salt for your barbecue celebration.
BBQKönigsSalz is not only an ideal barbecue salt for meat and vegetables. It is also a wonderful accompaniment to all dishes.

Salt in the Viking tradition.
RauchKönigsSalz is ideal for giving savoury dishes a refined, spicy kick. It has an inimitable flavour and is mild and elegant in taste.

The Bavarian snack with a hearty flavour.
With the coarse-grained BrotzeitKönigsSalz, you can give any cheese a hearty, full-bodied flavour. BrotzeitKönigsSalz gives every cheese preparation the finishing touch.

Fruity spiciness for sweet and savoury dishes.
IngwerOrangeKönigsSalz refines rice and wok dishes in Asian and Thai cuisine.

Herzhafte, vollmundige aromatische Kräutermischung.
Ein riesiges Bukett an Aromen entfaltet sich, wenn man am KräuterKönigsSalz schnuppert.

Delicious fish salt, whether steamed, fried or grilled.

Seasoning salt with over 40 herbs from controlled, organic cultivation.

Fine seasoning salt with hand-harvested, sun-dried seaweed and delicious herbs.

Hot seasoning salt with chilli, paprika, pepper and ginger from controlled, organic cultivation.

Unique seasoning salt with fine rose petals for lovers of the extraordinary.

Flavour your dish with the South Seas flavour. The flavour is amazing.

Fine seasoning salt for Asian-Ayurvedic cuisine.

We look forward to your visit and will be happy to advise you on the selection of our salt products.

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