Königssalz Salarium® - our salt oasis

Experience wellness in an extraordinary atmosphere!


Experience “fresh” wellness in a relaxed atmosphere. Atmospheric lighting effects, ionized oxygen in the air and gentle relaxation music relax deep into your soul. Close your eyes in complete tranquillity, listen quietly to the music and enjoy the freshness of a morning by the sea… Open your eyes in the salt oasis and experience a unique light show of backlit salt in harmonious color variations or an astonishingly real, astronomically accurate starry sky with the Milky Way. A spectacle for the soul.

Look forward to a very special kind of wellness.
Whether during your wellness weekend in the Bavarian Forest, as part of your vacation at the Burggasthof, as a local of Kollnburg or a visitor from out of town:
A visit to our salt oasis should provide a unique, soothing feeling of relaxation during your stay at KönigsSalz SALARIUM®.

The perfect base for your further beauty and cosmetics program.

KönigsSalz SALARIUM® creates a microclimate similar to that found in salt mines. A brine nebulization device creates a salty mist in the KönigsSalz SALARIUM®. Every breath caresses the mucous membranes and airways with the fine salt particles. In addition, the “vitamins of the air” negative ions are increased by the installation of a graduation system. The nebulized salt binds moisture in the skin and ensures a fresh and refreshed appearance – ideal as a basis for the entire beauty and cosmetics sector.

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