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Dry Aged - meat & sausage products from the in-house maturing cabinet

The perfect steak – it’s all about the perfect timing.


Beef is best suited for dry aging, especially back loins from freshly slaughtered heifers, young female cattle.
The meat becomes exceptionally tender, as it has a considerable fat cover and a particularly high intramuscular fat content.
And the more time a piece of meat spends in the DRY AGER maturing cabinet, the more intense the flavor. During this time in the dry aging cabinet, it smells of ham and musk, freshly baked yeast plait, hoarfrost and a bit like woolly socks.

The dry-aged meat is black on the outside like black pudding and hard like bread crust. Finally, this dark crust is cut away, the meat is removed from the bone or cut into steaks and the dry aged beef is cooked on the grill or in a pan – just like a normal steak.
The only difference is that it has nothing in common with a normal steak: The consistency is firm, the aroma and taste are reminiscent of nuts and butter. The secret: oxygen, which tickles the meat’s natural enzymes – and time.
Time that has turned the meat into a perfectly rounded aromatic powerhouse, without even a hint of a metallic note.
The result is an inimitable, intense aroma. And a consistency that is therefore regarded by connoisseurs as “the top class”.

Our dry aged meat is strictly controlled before purchase and comes from farmers we know personally from Kollnburg and the surrounding area.
First-class ham and delicious salami are also matured in our DRY AGER.
For an incomparable consistency and to round off a perfect flavor package!

Only available in our butcher’s shop & in brand new, delicious dishes in the Burggasthof!

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