Alpha lounger - a sound object for the senses

Three-dimensional clouds of sound, gentle vibrations, light & warmth – for body and soul!


Have you ever daydreamed with your eyes open? If so, you are familiar with the so-called alpha state. This soothing anti-stress retreat is a pleasure in every respect on the Alpha lounger in the 3-star hotel. Three-dimensional clouds of sound, gentle vibrations, light and warmth improve the balance of body and soul. Within a short time you will find yourself in a deep state of well-being. The AlphaLiege activates and connects our senses in a new way.

The alpha state: mind and body in harmony

The AlphaSphere in the Burggasthof is a three-dimensional experience of sound, light and movement. The wings of the lounger hold your body safely and securely, giving it a pleasant lightness. Specially composed sound structures and vibrations are perceived throughout the entire body – you can feel them. You can literally listen to the deep, monochrome blue in all its subtle nuances. Within a short time, the artistic fusion of different sensory impressions, the interplay of color, form, light, sound, vibration and warmth will put you in a deep state of well-being.

The alpha state: meditative experience & beautiful source of deep relaxation

You are awake and deeply relaxed. Your body is measurably relaxed: pleasant sensations, fluent thinking, confident mood. This state favors creativity and efficiency, problem solving is easy, stress symptoms are quickly reduced, energy is replenished and physical and mental tensions are released. Both hemispheres of the brain (intellectual and emotional) are equally active.
The alpha state is also known as the state of “spontaneous inspiration” and also serves to increase physical and mental performance.

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