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Our own butchery

with EU certification


In our in-house butcher’s shop, we only use strictly controlled meat from well-known farmers in the Bavarian Forest region. We prepare all types of sausage, meat loaf, sausages and other delicacies ourselves. We therefore guarantee first-class quality and flawless sausage and meat products
Since 27 May 2009, our in-house butcher’s shop has received full EU approval DE BY 20077 EG as a slaughterhouse and cutting plant for pigs and cattle from the government of Lower Bavaria. The entire operation has been further optimised in its processes, which have always been based on the highest quality standards, precisely in accordance with the requirements of the EC regulation.

The authorisation procedure is a measure for a high quality standard for the benefit of consumers.
What has always been a matter of course for us has now been put into an approvable and comprehensible written form and documented in every respect. Thanks to the authorisation, we are able to continue to source all slaughtered animals from farms in the region and can therefore continue to guarantee the high quality of the meat.

Our sausage and meat products come exclusively from our own production.

What's new in our butcher's shop

Burger patties from our own regional production

These and many other delicacies are available in our in-house butcher’s shop.
You can also order barbecue specialities with special marinades and various grilled sausages in advance.

Burggasthof specialities in a glass

No desire or time to cook? We’ve got something for you!
There’s something new in our butcher’s shop!

Various home-made meat dishes, soups and sauces made from regional products in a jar!

DRY AGED meat & sausage products from our own maturing cabinet

You will be amazed!
Dry aging means “dry maturing” and is an almost forgotten method of maturing meat to make it exceptionally tender and intensely flavoured. But high-quality sausage products, produced in our own sausage factory, as well as savoury, fine hams, also benefit from the dry aging method.

A tradition in which meat and sausage products experience their highest conceivable level of refinement.

Dry aging - the fine art of meat refinement

Only the very best quality meat is used for this special dry ageing process. The meat is hung on the bone for a certain period of time at a controlled temperature, constant humidity and optimum air quality. An hourly sterilisation process ensures that it can mature in peace, and instead of lying airtight in plastic film, it is allowed to do what meat does best: it is allowed to breathe.
This results in an inimitable, intense flavour. And a consistency that is therefore regarded by connoisseurs as “the top class”.

Our dry aged meat is strictly controlled before purchase and comes from farmers we know personally from Kollnburg and the surrounding area.
First-class ham and delicious salami are also matured in our DRY AGER.
For an incomparable consistency and to round off a perfect flavour package!

Only available in our butcher’s shop & in delicious dishes at the Burggasthof!

Our offers

A speciality

A speciality of our butcher’s shop is our dry aged meat.
Please order in advance as this is only available in limited quantities.
From beef:
Dry aged roast beef, dry aged rib eye, dry aged rump steak, dry aged fillet of beef
From pork:
Dry Aged chops

Barbecue specialities

You can order barbecue specialities from us in advance.
Wammerl, pork tenderloin, steak etc.
with special marinades.
Various grilled sausages and much more.

Bavarian specialities
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Opening hours butchery

Monday to Saturday:
07:30 am – 12:00 pm
Thursday and Friday:
14:00 – 17:30
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday closed in the afternoon!

Opening hours restaurant

Monday to Friday:
from 5:00 pm (warm kitchen: 5:15 pm to 8:00 pm)

11:00 am to 2:00 pm and then again from 5:00 pm
(hot meals 11:15 am to 1:45 pm and 5:15 pm to 8:00 pm)

Sunday and public holidays:
from 11:00 am (hot meals 11:15 am to 1:45 pm and 5:15 pm to 8:00 pm)

We announce our day off every week here or you are welcome to enquire by telephone – Tel. 09942-94350